Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Room

I'm posting these pictures of my work area and embarrassingly small stash for Tellen's Place

My Desktop:

I keep my paperstacks in the crop bag and the drawers hold my tools, punches and some other embossing supplies

My Tiny Stash:

My Cuttlebug "Station" (on top of an old dresser):
Like I said, I have a pretty small stash, but I'm just starting out.  I took over our spare bedroom since we don't have much family that lives outside of a 25 mile radius (something that is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse, lol.)


blackdragon said...

Hello Jessica...
thanks for showing us your craft space....your stash will grow...you wait and see!
i love your craft space, your cards and your blog.
love lynx

Terry Oulboub said...

Jessica, this is quite nice - it looks like my space - at least you have your own room to be crafty in - that's so cool! :-) Thanks for joining in!